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Put your best word forward.

Printed words often make your first impression, whether in a resume, a proposal, a manuscript, a script, or a formal article, and that first impression is very important. Even people who may not know all the nuances of the English language can lose enthusiasm at the sight of an imperfect document.

Few of us, if any, can write flawless documents directly. Most of us benefit greatly when someone else reads our documents with a constructively critical eye.

Keltoi offers fairly priced proofreading and editing services based on 42 years of editing experience. Here is a chart of our editing prices according to the number of words in your reports, proposals, manuscripts, or scripts..

Minimum Charge $30 ~ Charges are per word count in the document as submitted.

A deposit of the minimum charge ($30) must be made at the time of order. The remainder is due within 30 days of completion (an invoice will be included with edited document).



Big Panic  

24 hrs.

<10k words


48 hrs.

<10k words


4 days

< 50k words


10 days


11+ days











Copy Editing*













Complete Editing*









[EFL] - author's first language is English ~ [ESL] - author's first language is not English.

* Proofreading [EFL] corrects typographical, spelling and grammar errors (to consistent Canadian, US or UK standards).

  Copy Editing [EFL] includes proofreading and formatting to trade or style sheet standards.

  Complete Editing [ESL] includes proofreading and copy editing on work by authors whose first language     is not English.

◊ Prices are in Canadian currency. Charges are subject to HST or GST/RST for Canadian clients



Start the editing process:

Step 1. Prepare your document in .doc or .docx format (.rtf will do in a pinch).

Step 2.  Select the service you need on the pull down menu at the right and click on Buy Now. This process is separate from sending in your document. Please complete it before you go to step 3.

Step 3. Email your document and specify the turn-around time you need (11+ days is the default) to:

Keltoi Publishing Editing Services 

Step 4. We're it! Your document will be edited as requested and emailed back to you with an invoice. 

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