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On June 18, 1812, The United States of America declares war on Great Britain ... and invades Canada.
A former street urchin, Jacob Baker, now a grenadier in the 49th Regiment, Isaac Brock's own Green Tigers, is sworn to defend British North America and committed to protecting Nancy the woman he loves from the invading Americans. Jacob and his grenadier company are thrown again and again into the path of the invaders. He must survive battles, mutiny and the British army itself to get back to Nancy.
The Bloody Boy tells Jacob's story in historically accurate detail, from Queenston Heights to Crysler's Farm where Jacob's grenadier company sacrifices itself in defence of an unborn nation – Canada.
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"The Bloody Boy is a unique telling of the war of 1812. ... Thomas tells a gripping tale of a young man caught up in deadly, horrifying war. ... the author has thoroughly researched the war and written of the actual battles that ensued ... The descriptions of the social aspects of the time are very revealing and disturbing as well."
Naome Theye
The Historical Novel Society
"A real history book. I would use it in teaching a  course on the War of 1812." 
Jean-Pierre Bois, Military Historian
Le Centre sur l'histoire du monde atlantique
Université de Nantes, France

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The Bloody Boy
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March 2, 2021